James Harrison Receives Inevitable Suspension

Just yesterday, I expressed doubts that James Harrison was going to be suspended by the NFL for his hit on Colt McCoy. There's no question that league executives have been waiting for an opportunity to levy this punishment on Harrison, but I figured they would have waited for a less borderline infraction. Guess not. I mean, since Harrison is such a VICIOUS MALACIOUS HEADHUNTER ANGRY BAD MAN it should just be a matter of time, right?

From my vantage point watching the game live, it looked clearly like an instance where Harrison was aiming at McCoy's lead shoulder. There certainly was helmet contact, and perhaps that could have been avoided with Harrison went lower with the shoulder. Then again, this is a moving target, so second guessing the angle a tackler takes is a fairly glib criticism. That said, I have no problem with the play being flagged or Harrison even being fined. But he wasn't headhunting. It doesn't help all the slow motion replays I've seen of the hit have come from the angle behind Harrison. The linebacker's body obscures the first point of contact at the shoulder, so all the viewer sees are the helmets colliding. Harrison is a media villain and most talking heads want to give him a fair shake about as much as they want to impugn any aspect of Tebow's game. Honestly, I still can't believe Deion Sanders stuck up for James during the NFLN postgame.

All said and done, Harrison obviously didn't make matters easier for himself with his outlandish comments about Goodell. This was going to happen sooner or later. Hell, the same might happen to Ryan Clark within the course of time. The NFL gets to be vindictive toward players that have been critical of the league under the pretense that they're making the game safer while at the same time leveling no sanctions against a team like the Browns that probably knowingly sent a concussed player back into a game.


Spatula said...

I guess they will have to start shooting for knees.

Jim Philips said...

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